It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Every new year is an opportunity to start afresh and it is the season when people start to spring clean their homes and declutter to prepare for a new chapter ahead. One of the most important places to spring clean thoroughly would be the bedroom as it is where you rest and relax. A clean environment encourages a more peaceful state of mind and promotes a feel-good atmosphere.

What are some places in the bedrooms that we have to be mindful of when spring cleaning?



It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

It is easy to miss out the windows as we do not come into contact with it much, except for opening and closing, however do you know that our windows are actually one of the dustiest places in the room? It is the first contact with the outside environment and hence collects the most dust.

During spring cleaning, remember to remove and wash your curtains as well as wipe down your window frames and curtain tracks! Use a glass cleaner to clean your windows for that extra shine as just using regular soap and water may leave watermarks and stains!



It’s Spring Cleaning Time Surfaces

Do not overlook the amount of dirt that can accumulate on surfaces. These are places that we come into contact often but might overlook cleaning because we use them so much! Remember to wipe your walls! Walls are often overlooked as compared to the floor. Use a damp cloth and wipe your walls dry with a microfibre cloth. Remember to use soapy water! Lastly, keep grime off your decorative items! Keep them shiny, clean, and attractive so that they will brighten up your room like they were intended to!



It’s Spring Cleaning Time - bed

The most obvious and important thing to clean in your bedroom would be your bed. We spend almost one third of our day asleep, thus it is essential to keep our bed clean for comfort. Wash all bedding and pillows thoroughly and wipe down your bed frame to remove dust. Vacuum your mattress using the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt and dust.



It's Spring Cleaning Time - Lights

Lastly, don’t forget your lights! It is easy to miss out our lights as we don’t look into our lamps or our light fixtures. However, dust collects in our lights and sometimes there are dead insects too! Remove your light fixtures and wipe them with warm water and soap before fixing it again. Remember to also wipe down your lamps and light switches!