How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Larger

How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Larger

So you’ve got a new BTO flat after balloting n times, you’ve collected your keys and now you’re ready to start renovating and furnishing your new home. But then you realise that the bedroom may be too small for your liking!

What can we do to make our bedroom larger without knocking down walls and combining two rooms? The good news is that there are tricks to help you perceive your room to be larger than they actually are, and here’s how:


1. Think vertical

While you can’t expand horizontally, you can fully maximise the vertical space! Floor to ceiling shelves or wardrobes are a fuss-free and useful way to maximise every inch of space you have in your cozy place, at the same time making the room look larger! One can also consider framing artworks or décor above the headboard of the bed, fully utilizing the extent of space.


2. Use lighter colours

You may have heard that lighter colours make rooms look more spacious, and that is true! Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that your room has to look as dead as a morgue or as sterile as a hospital! Even with a white interior, you can spruce up the décor with pops of colour (thankfully, white is so versatile that it goes well with almost any other colour!). If you do not fancy white, just opt for lighter shades of the colour that you like, like a muted grey!


3. Furniture with legs

Furniture with legs helps to show more of the floor area and gives an illusion of a wider space. While not everything has to have legs, opting for some of them to have legs will definitely enlarge the room a little! This could be your bed or dresser!


4. Floating furniture

If you’d prefer having less things taking up floor space, you can opt for floating furniture, such as a floating nightstand or a floating shelf! These remove bulk on the ground, but may require customized carpentry and thus incur a little more kaching!