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We turned our passion into reality, opening our Serangoon Garden outlet to create Bedroom Affairs®. As proud Singaporean owners, we stay true to our values, driven by our love for crafting top-notch bed linen. Amidst fierce competition, we maintain our commitment to original designs and the highest quality products. Every thread we weave and every design we craft carries with it the essence of our dedication to quality and design excellence, bringing warmth and comfort to the homes and families we cater to.

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Bedroom Affairs® proudly received the 2023 Singapore SME 500 Award, recognizing our commitment to quality and excellence in both products and service.

Our Brands

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Step into the world of luxury and comfort with our Mystique Collection. Crafted from 100% Tencel and 100% Bamboo, these hotel-style bed linens offer a sanctuary for those with delicate skin who seek the ultimate in cooling comfort. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of Tencel prints or the perfect blend of solid plains, a stylish night's rest is assured. We even cater to the little ones with our 100% cotton and 100% Tencel bedlinen in playful designs.

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Discover the pure comfort of Rinco Bonington's luxurious cotton bedlinen. Our collection boasts unbeatable value and quality in a range of stylish prints and adorned bedlinen sets. These designs effortlessly transform any bedroom into a statement of style and comfort, making it easy to bring affordable elegance to your bedroom.

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Get ready for cozy nights with Microfine! Crafted from Microfiber material, our bedding is perfect for those who enjoy sleeping in warmth. Characterized by its vibrant hues, contemporary lines, and geometric patterns, Microfine makes a striking impression in the bedroom. Whether you prefer a bold or neutral aesthetic, this low-maintenance range is tailored to suit all age groups, ensuring a comfortable and stylish rest.

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From Australia, created by a devoted design team of highly-skilled textile designers, Linen House boasts a captivating fabrication that effortlessly elevates any bedroom concept. With an extensive array of prints and themes in fine quality, this 100% cotton/sateen collection exudes an aura of sophistication and opulence.

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