Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom In 5 Steps

Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom In 5 Steps

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know how frustrating it can get to not only be consistently sneezing, sniffing and coughing, sometimes even waking up with puffy eyes! We may be quick to rely on antihistamines to bring down our symptoms, but have you ever thought of removing allergens in the bedroom?

Think about it: If we sleep 8 hours a day, we spend one-third of our time in the bedroom – that’s a lot! Let allergens ruin your sleep no farther! Here’s 5 simple ways you can reduce allergens:


1. Clean your room regularly

This may come as a no-brainer, but cleaning your room at least once or twice a week will dust out those pesky dust mites that thrive in the thick dust layers on your furniture, and even fabric and on your mattress! Yikes! Cleaning your room regularly will also remove any allergy triggering dirt or bacteria. If you have a carpet in your room, vacuum it weekly and make sure to give it a thorough wash every month.


2. Change your sheets regularly, and consider dust-mite covers

We don’t see it, but our bedding collects a sea of dead skin cells which we shed all day long… this means a buffet for the dust mites! While these pesky beings are harmless to us, their droppings can be triggering to allergy sufferers. Therefore, it is recommended to change out your bed sheets every week! If you have cash to spare or you’re asthmatic, adding on dust-mite covers can also reduce the numbers and size of dust mite colonies.


3. Declutter your room

The best way to reduce dust in your bedroom is to declutter it; remove any redundant items or even upholstery (carpets, rugs) that may serve as unnecessary surfaces that accumulate dust! With less items in the room, there is much less to clean too!


4. Hypoallergenic bedding

Hypoallergenic materials are typically breathable and do not retain heat, discouraging the growth of allergens like mold and bacteria. Most allergy sufferers respond better to organic, all-natural bedding sheets compared to those mixed with synthetic fibers. We offer beddings made with natural fibers, like 100% cottonTencel and Bamboo, each with a wide selection of designs to spruce up all kinds of bedrooms in the modern home!


5. Reduce moisture and humidity in the bedroom

Hot and humid Singapore is like a haven and sanctuary for bacteria all year long. Allergens and bacteria thrive in warm and moist spaces, so besides keeping a place cool (which is hard in sunny Singapore), we can consider reducing the humidity in our bedroom by closing our windows (especially during the rainy seasons), switching on the aircon, and having a dehumidifier!

It’s practically impossible to keep your bedroom allergen-free, but it doesn’t mean that we should not try! So step up with these 5 steps, and reclaim a restful sleep with little allergies!