5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom

For most people, their bedrooms are a place for them to unwind, relax and rest - to take a breather in the middle of a busy day or destress after a long day at work. The interior of a space contributes largely to the vibe and mood of a space and depending on the purpose of the room the interior will then be decided.

Colours and accents play a large part in a room’s interior and the first few steps in designing interiors is deciding on which colours and accents to use. Some colours make us feel bright and cheerful, some may make us feel dark and moody, let’s take a look at colours that will help bring us into a zen and relaxed mood.


Ocean blue

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom - Ocean blue

Blue is a universal classic when looking for a calming colour often being said to be the most calming colour in the spectrum. Ocean blue represents peace and tranquillity - perfect for soothing your mind after a bustling day. Transport yourself to the ocean in a sea of calm and prepare for a time of relaxation and rest.


Soft beige

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom - Soft beige

A light neutral with a soft sandy hue and a tinge of warmth like soft beige is a great choice for a relaxing bedroom. Clean, yet not overly harsh, Beige is also a colour that compliments with a wide range of other colours as it is a great base and works well in highlighting other colours. There is a tinge of warmness to beige, almost like the softness of candlelight that is calming, inviting and restful.


Sage Green

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom - Sage Green

Sage green is a colour that has experienced a sharp rise in popularity in recent years and definitely for a good reason! Green is a colour that represents nature, growth, rejuvenation and balance, and sage green has those elements yet is also a soft colour that is easy to match with many other colours. With sage green, you will feel that your room is a restful sanctuary at the end of a tiring day.


Restful Grey

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom - Restful Grey

Grey is a largely underrated colour - one that balances the harsh white and the imposing black. Grey complements well with neutral palettes to draw out a sense of peace. It is not a colour of extremes, but rather one of equilibrium and steadfastness. Find yourself grounded again as you retreat to your bedroom to wind down for the day.


Dusty Pink

5 Calming Colours For Your Bedroom - Dusty Pink

A feminine favourite as it evokes feelings of sweetness, tenderness and innocence. A light and soft colour that goes well with other warm and light colours to create a sense of harmony and love. It is a blanket of comfort to come home after a gruelling day dealing with a demanding boss or a bad day filled with negativity.