Tencel vs Cotton

Tencel vs Cotton

Tencel and Cotton are probably the two most common materials you will see as you shop around for your bed linens. But what exactly is Tencel, and what exactly is Cotton? What differentiates these two materials and accounts for their price differences?


Tencel has become an increasingly popular material. Lighter in terms of touch, Tencel is welcomed by most due to its soft, smooth and luxurious feel. Obtained from eucalyptus wood, Tencel sheets will keep you dry and cool throughout the night. What’s more, its manufacturing method is sustainable - so go ahead and luxuriate in bed, guilt-free.

Tencel has also been growing in popularity due to its numerous benefits:


Its wrinkle-free quality gives the bedsheet a clean look.

Naturally cooling

Tencel sheets are naturally cooling and moisture-wicking, and will keep you dry and cool throughout the night - perfect for Singapore’s humid weather.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

The chemical solvent used to dissolve the wood pulp is recycled with 99.5% recovery rate, reducing manufacturing waste drastically.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Tencel fabric is less likely to catch dust mites and develop bacteria, while its moisture-wicking ability helps to retain less heat and moisture - making Tencel sheets a preferred choice for those with skin allergies.

More delicate

Tencel is naturally accompanied by a higher price point due to its numerous benefits. But like all things delicate, Tencel requires special care. It should be cleaned on a gentle cycle with mild detergent in a washing machine. You can also machine dry your Tencel sheets in low heat and delicate settings.



You are probably no stranger to cotton bed linens. One of the most common materials for beddings, Cotton is often chosen for its fluffy fibre. However, not all cottons are made equal. The length of the cotton fibres determines its quality, softness and strength. Long-staple cotton fibres, such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton, have a super soft, smooth surface and are extremely durable. Short-staple cotton varieties are not as soft, and tend to peel and break down more easily.

Even cotton fabrics come with multiple grades based on their weaves - flannel, twill, linen, percale, or sateen.


Cotton bedsheet has been around for decades due to its durability and easy maintenance. It actually improves with time as its softness and breathability increases with each wash.

Easy to clean

Cotton bed sheets can be washed and dried at high temperatures with most machine cycles, making it easy for housekeeping.


Cotton sheets are typically moisture-wicking and breathable.


Bedroom Affairs only carries Cotton Sateen - the highest grade of cotton - to ensure that you will have a comfortable night of rest. In Bedroom Affairs, we have 500-thread-count cotton sateen and 700-thread-count cotton sateen to cater to your individual needs.