3 plants that will help you sleep better

3 plants that will help you sleep better

When your body is stressed out, try giving it a dose of greenery. There’s scientific evidence to suggest that certain plants can be beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress and promoting overall wellness. Not only does this have the potential to make you feel more relaxed, but it could also help improve your sleep by enhancing the quality of the air you are breathing. Here are some of our favourite indoor plants that fight insomnia.


Tip: Do note that Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, so it requires more sunlight and little water.

3 plants that will help you sleep better aloe vera

Aloe Vera

You’ve heard of using Aloe Vera gel to treat a sunburn, but have you heard of putting Aloe Vera in your bedroom to help you to sleep better at night? Unlike other plants that produce carbon dioxide at night, Aloe Vera produces oxygen at night! This helps to increase oxygen levels in a room and improve breathing.


Tip: Place your Chamomile plants on your bedside table and water them once a week

3 plants that will help you sleep better chamomile


Chamomile is well-known for its soothing aroma, primarily used in teas and essential oils to aid in relaxing and deep sleep. Adding Chamomile plants in your bedroom can also help you sleep better and make your room feel more serene.


Tip: Make sure that the soil doesn't dry out and leave it somewhere they can receive full sunlight in the day

3 plants that will help you sleep better lavender


Lavender is the most popular bedroom plant, and for an excellent reason! If you don't have it in your bedroom, put it on the top of your wishlist! Lavender is used to increase energy, relax the mind and improve moods. For such a robust plant, Lavender will be the best bedroom plant that will improve your sleep and help you sleep better.