Tips And Tricks for Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Tips And Tricks for Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

When it comes to decorating your kid’s bedroom, there’s no one-size-fits-all template. You can go from a sparkly pink princess room, to a jungle-themed terrain, and even to a prehistoric world where dino friends roam free. While much of the nuances of interior design depend on your child’s unique personality and preferences, we’ve gathered some useful tips and tricks for dressing up your child’s bedroom that you’ll love. You’re welcome, frustrated parents.



This means keeping it simple, keeping it fun, and most of all – keeping it SAFE. Avoid furniture that could seem ‘dangerous’, meaning it could slam on your child’s fingers, or your child’s hair could get caught inside, or it’s simply covered with scary sharp edges that your child would simply love to run headfirst into. Child-proofing your child’s room into a space they can feel safe in is really important! Remember to take height into consideration too. Everything needs to be kept at their height to stay accessible to their little hands, and while that adorable little car bed might seem like the best choice right now, remember your kid will probably outgrow it in a few months. Getting timeless, adjustable furniture is key!


Leave space for creativity

Whether it’s a play house, a chalkboard, a tea set or a tepee, you need to remember that our childrens’ needs are different from ours. They need space to have fun, to explore, and to create magic. Unlike most adult’s rooms, the room of a child shouldn’t just be functional, it should encourage creative play as well. Making use of bright, stimulating colours and textures can be great for their mental development as well. Plus, they’re so pretty!


Space, space, space!

Here in Singapore, we don’t typically have a lot of space to work with. Given that most children aren’t the most tranquil and docile, to say the least, and that they have TONS of stuff (books, clothes, toys, diapers, the list goes on), it’s important that we maximise the space that we do have. That means making use of loft beds with a play area underneath, bunk beds, or furniture with lots of built-in storage! Wall hooks and under-the-bed storage crates will be your best friend too.


Last but not least…

A growth chart! I’m sure we all carry beautiful memories of our parents making notches on the wall in our family home when we were young. This is one of the most heartwarming things you can look back on as time flies by, and your kids will be thrilled each time they grow a centimetre or two.