Sheets for Sensitive Skin

Sheets for Sensitive Skin

We love a good night’s sleep, but what happens when a good night’s sleep turns into an excruciating night of incessant itching, scratching, and waking up to irritated, flared-up skin? If you have skin allergies, sensitive skin, or chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis​, you probably know what I’m talking about all too well.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to resign yourself to this fate, as there are certain types of sheets that bode well for sensitive skin. Soothing sleep and calm skin aren’t too good to be true. We give you the low-down on the types of gentle bedding that your skin will thank you for.



This increasingly popular, eco-friendly material is gaining traction in the bedding hall of fame. There’s no question why since it’s so silky soft, luxuriously smooth, breathable, and naturally cooling. The eucalyptus tree wood cellulose fibres they’re made from are very absorbent, helping to wick away sweat from hot sleepers, which is perfect for our hot and humid weather. As all sensitive skin sufferers know, the lesser the heat and moisture, the lesser the irritation and bacterial growth.



Reliable and trustworthy, you can’t go wrong with lightweight, breathable cotton. It’s comfortable, cosy, and non-irritating. However, be sure to check all the labels and to only go for 100% cotton and not cotton blends, as anything that has wool or linen in the mix can be rough and irritating on the skin.



Seeing as how silk is one of the, well, silkiest materials, you really can’t go wrong with this smooth, high-quality, natural material. It’s breathable and lightweight, causing very little abrasion to your sensitive skin. It also has a natural sheen, instantly elevating the entire look of your bedroom by adding a touch of class and sophistication. Its low heat conduction properties help it stay cool to the touch, which is perfect for skin that flares up under hot conditions. Plus, the smooth material means it reduces tons of friction and is great for your hair as well, so you can look forward to waking up with frizz-free hair and glowing skin. I woke up like this, indeed!



When it comes to sensitive skin-friendly materials, bamboo is definitely one of the top dogs. There’s a long list of benefits ahead, so buckle up.

Bamboo sheets effectively wick away any moisture, ensuring you stay cool and fresh. With lesser moisture comes lesser bacterial growth, and with lesser bacterial growth comes lesser skin flare-ups. It has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, so you don’t have to fret about itchy little microscopic pests such as dust mites and bed bugs irritating your skin (this is great for those with allergies as well!). Thermoregulating properties help you stay cool and avoid temperature-induced flare-ups, while the silky-soft material, which only gets even softer after each wash, is delicate on your skin. Plus, bamboo is an organic material, which means no nasties – no toxic chemicals and harmful irritants such as bleach and pesticides, which can be found in other heavily processed linens. Psst.. we will be launching our very own bamboo sheets really soon, keep your eyes peeled on our social media.