5 Simple Ways To Get Better Sleep

5 Simple Ways To Get Better Sleep

Sometimes we wake up feeling like zombies. What’s worse, besides the abyss of death forming under those eyes, you face difficulty focusing at work no matter how many cups of joe you down… and then your zits erupt like the ring of fire on your once crystal-clear complexion, and your mood gets crankier by the day…

Does this sound uncomfortably familiar?

A good sleep is the bedrock of living life to your fullest! So if you’ve been having difficulty falling asleep, we hope that these 5 simple tips can help you get a good night’s rest!


1. Relax: Aromatherapy, soothing drinks and comfortable sheets

Relax: Aromatherapy, soothing drinks and comfortable sheets

After a long day of work, what most of us would want to do is to dive straight into bed. Some of us are fortunate enough to fall asleep in 5 minutes, but most of us will realise that falling asleep needs more effort because our minds are still engaged.

To help prepare your mind and body for rest, you could try:

Aromatherapy. Add a few drops of essential oils to your diffuser or dehumidifiers (we recommend fragrances like lavender, peppermint, cedarwood). You may also opt for a candle if that’s up your alley.

· Relaxing drinks. Chamomile tea is known to have insomnia-alleviating properties, used in ancient herbal remedies to reduce stress and anxiety. Find out more about other calming drinks here.

Comfortable sheets. It goes without saying that something we use every night affects the quality of our sleep, and we can start by figuring out if we are warm sleepers, and the type of fabrics we prefer. For example, some of us may prefer bamboo or Tencel to cotton sateen sheets. The best way to get round your dilemma is to feel them for yourself at one of our outlets today!


2. Stick to a schedule

Better sleep stick to a schedule

Your body’s internal body clock (or the circadian rhythm) runs naturally to carry out essential functions to keep you alive. And this includes your sleep-wake cycle. However, if you have an irregular sleeping schedule, your natural body clock may go out of whack. This is why you still find yourself wide awake at 4am in the morning!

A regular sleep-wake cycle will cue your body for rest at similar timings every night, and it will be much easier to fall asleep.


3. Avoid the blue light at least one hour before bedtime

Avoid the blue light at least one hour before bedtime

If you’re a fellow electronic addict, you know that this is the hardest thing to do, especially if our idea of winding down before bed is to scroll through numerous tiktoks and Instagram posts. Unfortunately, the blue light emitted from your phone suppresses melatonin production - a hormone that aids sleep.

To help instill some discipline to your screen time before bed time, you can use the bedtime or focus mode settings that allow you to customize and pre-set the accessibility to specific apps which you know will distract you from rest. This way, your phone helps you to stick to a winding down routine with prompts!


4. Read or journal before bedtime

Read or journal before bedtime
Reading (with paperbacks, not your e-book) and journaling help you wind down before bed and take your mind off things that have been worrying you. For example, journaling and the act of listing 5 things you’re thankful for helps you feel happier instead of constantly jostling with the worries you cannot put away.


5. Avoid long day naps

You may be tempted to nap during the day because of poor sleep the night before, but you should keep your nap short. We hope that practicing these 5 simple tips help you to have better sleep!